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All donations are highly appreciated and used in alignment with our mission and values, directing them towards the development and support of art and culture, as well as enriching the educational and cultural experiences of our members and society at large.


Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting and advancing the ART SASN FRONTIERES - PONT DE LA PAUX association. Our volunteers assist in organizing and conducting educational programs, including giving lectures, leading workshops, and offering courses for young artists and community members.

Promoting Cultural Exchange

The educational idea of the art association revolves around the dissemination of knowledge, skill development, and inspiring individuals in the realm of art and culture. The art association aims to provide education and access to art for all, irrespective of age, gender, financial status, or educational background. 


To promote the art created by members of the association, several strategies are employed:
1. Exhibitions and Events: Regularly organize exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events where the works of association members are showcased. 
2. Creating a Virtual Gallery where association members can showcase their works. 
3. Social Media Promotion.
4. Collaboration with art galleries and independent curators.
5. Participation in Festivals and film markets.
6. Organizing Auctions and Charity Events.
7. Organizing art for social purposes.
8. Develop marketing strategies and sales of the works of association members.
These strategies help association members expand their influence and promote their artistic creations, reaching a broader audience and supporting the development of the artistic community.

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